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Best Crypto Platforms for Earning Ethereum

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When it comes to crypto, there are a ton of options. One of the most popular coins is Ether. To make money with Ethereum, there are different means, and some of them are platforms or apps that make it easy for you to earn Ethereum from your phone.

Thanks to great tech, you can use these best crypto platforms for earning Ethereum to boost your passive (and active) income.

Before I go into that, I will look at some questions that some of you might have. If you would like to jump straight to the platforms for earning Ethereum, use the links in the table of contents below:

What’s a Crypto Platform?

A cryptocurrency platform includes websites and apps that allow you to manage your crypto portfolio. These apps or platforms usually have easy setup and login features to make it simple for a beginner to cryptocurrency to get started.

Among cryptocurrency platforms, there are categories:

1. Crypto Exchange

Crypto exchanges are the most popular type of cryptocurrency platform. They allow you to buy and sell your crypto coins. Some of them provide easy connections with your credit or debit card or bank account to buy crypto. For some, they don’t allow that; you can only exchange currencies.

One thing you should have in mind concerning cryptocurrency exchanges is that some of them don’t support all cryptocurrencies. Most support Bitcoin and Ether, but other coins, especially the not-so-popular ones, might not be in your chosen exchange. So, you might need more than one.

2. Crypto Wallet

A crypto wallet is where you store your cryptocurrencies. Unlike a crypto exchange, you can’t sell your crypto or buy more coins with a wallet app. Instead of focusing on trade, crypto wallets focus on providing high-security features to keep your coins safe.

Some crypto traders don’t recommend holding coins in an exchange if you don’t plan to exchange them at any time soon. 

3. Crypto News App

Crypto news apps focus on providing updates on the most popular coins like Bitcoin and Ether and smaller coins that make unusual movements in the market.

As crypto trading happens 24/7 and the exchanges are always open, new apps help anyone keep up.

If you want to make money through crypto trading, staking, and some of the other crypto strategies, you should look into having a crypto news app handy (phone, mailing list, website, Twitter, etc.).

4. Crypto Tracker

A crypto tracker helps you get real-time information on crypto prices, from coin rates to lending and borrowing rates and other price movements. Websites like Defirate are an example. Also, you can get real-time crypto rates on our website.

5. Specialized Services

Some crypto platforms provide services outside what we have looked at. Such services range from staking to liquidity pools. Apps that do those usually are also exchanges, whether decentralized or otherwise.

What Crypto Apps Do I Need To Earn Ethereum?

You will need all the different crypto apps. I am not saying download every single app on your app store. What I mean is, have at least one of each category in your arsenal.

What to Look for in a Cryptocurrency App

Regardless of what category of cryptocurrency app you’re looking to get, there are certain things you must look out for.

1. Legit

One thing is important, which is verifying if it’s legit. If you use a crypto tracker that isn’t providing up-to-date information, you will make decisions according to what you can see on the tracker, and that can lead you to make the wrong decisions to build a good portfolio.

2. Security

The best crypto exchanges and wallets have high-level security, and that’s what you must look out for. Cryptocurrency transactions are difficult to trace, and once you have done one, it’s impossible to get your money back.

If you go with an exchange or wallet with terrible security, you could have your Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency go out of your address without being able to tell who exactly is responsible.

Before deciding on any wallet or exchange, review their security features for back-end encryption and 2-factor authentication. Also, check reviews, not just on blogs but actual user/customer reviews.

3. Availability

Some cryptocurrency apps serve only people in specific countries. Some countries and states have banned unregulated exchanges or placed limitations on what you can do around crypto. Also, some apps try to protect themselves and serve only markets that they can do that well enough. 

Where Can I Earn Ethereum?

Now that we have looked at the necessary details let’s come to the main topic of the day.

You can earn Ethereum on crypto exchanges and through those specialized services, such as staking and liquidity mining or yield farming.

Overall Best Crypto Platforms For Earning Ethereum

Here are the best platforms for earning Ethereum:


Image of MyEtherWallet site for making Ethereum

To earn Ethereum, you need an address. You’ll also need a wallet to manage your coins. MyEtherWallet is one of the best out there. It’s free and open-source.

Brave Browser

Want to make Ethereum while you browse the internet? Get the Brave browser. You can earn BAT and ERC-20 tokens for viewing ads on the browser.

Crypto Jobs List

image of the cryptojpobslists site for making ethereum

Earning Ethereum is not only about applying crypto money-making strategies to work. You can also do your regular job and earn ETH. Find and apply for jobs in the cryptocurrency industry or jobs that pay in crypto on Crypto Jobs Lists.

Compound Finance

Compound Finance is a decentralized open source protocol for lending and borrowing cryptocurrencies. On Compound Interest, you can supply your Ether as collateral to borrow crypto assets based on the interest rates set in real-time.


Aave, like Compound Finance, also provides a lending and borrowing platform. It has such features as flash loans to enable users to borrow easily and safely. 

Other Great Platforms For Earning Ether

Pool Together

Pool Together is an open source and decentralized protocol for no-loss prize games. To earn on the platform, you need to deposit into any prize pool on the platform. As long as you have done that, you will get your share of the interest earned on the deposited money in the pools.


Want to handle investing in decentralized finance from one platform? Zerion covers that. With it, you can explore many yield farming assets and also manage your coins.

Token Sets 

Token Sets provides an all-in-one interface to trade, mine liquidity and set your fees.


Curve is an automated market-maker (AMM) that is optimized for stablecoins. It works as both an exchange and a liquidity mining platform – liquidity providers can earn fees on it.


Interested in liquidity mining or yield farming? Uniswap is one of the best platforms out there for increasing your wealth through mining liquidity.


Interested in working for your money? Use Ethlance. Ethlance is a freelance platform where gig workers or freelancers can get hired and paid in Ether.


Love data science? You will enjoy Numerai. On the platform, you can earn cryptocurrency in data science competitions.

Gods Unchained

Don’t you just hate when you make so much money in games, but that translates to nothing in real life? What if you could play a game and earn real Ether? That is possible, and several apps offer that, including Gods Unchained.


There are so many options to build your Ether portfolio. You have seen the best crypto platforms for earning Ethereum. Use one, use multiple, and make your passive and active income. It’s also wise to read through this blog for the best crypto earning strategies. If you need any help or want clearer paths to follow, reach out to me through our consulting page.

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