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12 Easy and Profitable Ways To Earn Free Crypto

How To Earn Free Cryptocurrency: 11 Easy Ways To Earn Free Crypto

Do you know that you can earn free cryptocurrency? I am all about making passive income with crypto, and some avenues are easier than others. I have received crypto from using strategies that include doing nothing to active work.

The purpose of this article is to show you ways to earn free crypto so you can make passive money at any time. I will walk you through the easiest ways to earn cryptocurrency for free so that you can get started in the next five minutes.

Here’s a breakdown of what’s in this article:

Method 1: Join A Universal Basic Income (UBI) Platform

Everyone loves free stuff, especially when that freebie could exponentially rise in value at any time. Free crypto is never a bad thing, and UBI platforms make it easy to earn cryptocurrency.

What Are Universal Basic Income (UBI) Platforms?

Universal basic income, or UBI, is a system that distributes equal amounts of benefits to all members.

In a global economy with so much inequality, more and more organizations are working on technologically and equitably distributing wealth across borders. You can sign up for these crypto UBI platforms today and start receiving small daily deposits.

How Does UBI For Cryptocurrency Platforms Work?

Every UBI platform has its own tweak. Usually, some people are investing, donating, or trading to generate income for the platform, and that is shared within the community.

crypto ubi platforms - how to earn free crypto

For example, with Gooddollar, a crypto UBI platform, organizations and individuals that want to support UBI place their coins in any DeFi protocol. The interest generated is what creates the basic income. That interest is placed in a reserve to generate income. The more income generated, the more distributed. 

What UBI Platforms Would You Recommend?

  1. Gooddollar
  2. Circles
  3. MYUBI

Method Two: Sign Up On Crypto Platforms That Give Out Free Crypto For Doing Easy Things

Some of the cryptocurrency trading platforms provide free crypto to users just for onboarding. Here are a few that we recommend.

1. Coinbase

With Coinbase Earn, you can get free money. To get it, you need to get a Coinbase account, complete verification (photo + document), and wait to get verified. That usually takes a couple of days.

Once you’re accepted for Coinbase Earn, all you need to do is watch a video on how the project works and answer some questions about it. Just do that and earn some crypto. 

At different times, the coin you can earn differs. Depending on what they support at the time, you can earn BAT, ZRX, ZEC, EOS, XLM, CGLD, and others.

2. CoinMarketCap Earn

CoinMarketCap Earn works exactly like Coinbase Earn but is hosted by another platform – CoinMarketCap. For this, you will need to sign up on CoinMarketCap. That is pretty easy; you only need an email and password. Then, you will need a verified Binance account.

Unlike Coinbase, there’s no waiting list once verified, but the payouts are slower than Coinbase Earn. They are not distributed immediately but after a few weeks.

Method Three: Sign Up On Crypto Platforms That Give Free Crypto For Signing Up

free money by signing up on crypto platforms- how to earn free crypto

Not every crypto platform gives out free crypto for signing up, but some do. Beware, though, that you can’t just go on such sites to sign up and expect free coins. You will need to sign up through an affiliate or a referral link to get cryptocurrencies.

Here is a list of crypto platforms that give out free crypto for signing up (our affiliate/referral links are included – that’s the only way you get free crypto) along with how much you can get:

Method Four: Earn Free Crypto With Airdrops

An airdrop is when blockchain platforms distribute free coins or cryptocurrency tokens to a large number of wallet addresses. It is usually used by new coins or those that want to do an ICO, to get attention or new followers, or build a larger user base.

Nearly 85% of airdrops are on the Ethereum network. As new crypto projects leverage the existing blockchain platforms like Ethereum to create tokens, they sometimes drop their coins to anyone with a proper crypto wallet. For example, when OMG launched, they airdropped OMG to anyone with an Ethereum wallet.

How Do I Get A Crypto Airdrop?

To get a crypto airdrop, you will need to have a wallet with major blockchains and some non-zero balance of the main crypto (e.g., Ether) in your wallet. Note that you will need to have a wallet with private keys that you own, not one on crypto exchanges.

So, create a wallet on an independent blockchain to hold your coins. CoinMarketCap usually has the information. On it, filter for “coins” and register on a few.

coinmarketcap airdrop - how to earn free crypto

An easier method would be to open one on MyEtherWallet because most new tokens are built off of Ethereum, and you can maximize your chances of getting an airdrop on MEW.

Another necessary thing is to follow communities and groups that provide information on crypto airdrops, like some Telegram groups. The Airdrop Alert website also has a long list of crypto airdrops

Method 5: Hope For A For Fork

Aside from getting airdrops, one advantage of having wallets on the major blockchains is getting coins or tokens when there’s a software fork, that is, creating a clone of the blockchain.

For example, BitcoinCash was forked from the main Bitcoin blockchain. When that happened, everyone with an independent wallet got the equivalent of one Bitcoin Cash for each Bitcoin they had.

Method 6: Take Online Surveys And Do Other Tasks On Crypto Faucets

Online surveys are easy to take as long as you understand the language and some surveys reward you in cryptocurrency.

Concerning faucet, crypto faucets distribute some amounts of cryptocurrency for actions done, such as looking at ads, playing games, and completing microtasks. The reward is usually in small amounts.

Where Can I See Surveys That Reward In Crypto And Crypto Faucets?

There are a ton of apps for this, including:

  1. StormX
  2. Buzzin
  3. FreeBitco.in


StormX is an iOS and Android mobile app that focuses on microtasks.

To earn crypto for free on StormX, you can take surveys, try out new apps, or sign up for subscriptions. Given that we are talking about free stuff, taking the surveys and trying out new apps qualify.

StormX will give you tokens that you can exchange for StormX currency (STMX), bitcoin and ethereum.


Like StormX, Buzzin offers tokens when you complete microtasks. Its tasks involve the crypto service industry directly.


You can earn crypto for free by playing casino/dice games, gambling bitcoins, and using the FreeBitco.in wallet for interest.

Method 7: Join A Staking Pool Or Register On A Crypto Platform That’s One

I explained what staking is and how staking works in this article. I mentioned that some crypto platforms like Binance would give you staking rewards without you having to do anything. Also, if you join staking pools, you can get staking rewards by only pledging your crypto. Read that article if you want to make some crypto.

Method 8: Get Crypto Cash Back When You Shop

StormX and Crypto.com can help you get cashback when you shop.

With StormX, you can get between 0.5% and over 87.5% cashback, depending on your StormX Reward Membership level. You will need to:

  • Get the StormX mobile app or Chrome button
  • Visit one of StormX’s 750+ online stores
  • Activate the reward
  • Checkout
  • Withdraw your cashback to your wallet when you have earned $10 or more

With Crypto.com, you can get 1-5% cashback on all purchases, 10% cashback on Expedia and Airbnb, and 100% cashback on Netflix and Spotify. There’s more: check them out here. To get the cashback, you will need to:

Method 9: Get Free Money From Bounties

Bounties are similar to airdrops. They are a crypto marketing strategy where an ICO allocates a percentage of their tokens to be given as rewards to the public. To get such rewards, you will need to complete tasks, and once the token is launched, you will receive your tokens.

It is often difficult to find them. But thankfully, there are websites like this one that gather bounties that are active and display them.

Method 10: Play Pokemon-like Games To Get Crypto

wenano - earn free crypto

Just like hunting for Pokemon Go, you can hunt for crypto. To be specific, NANO. With WeNano, you can capture NANO by visiting spots created by users around the world. Users are giving, and users are taking.

The users who are giving will set up a spot anywhere in the world, and anyone can donate crypto to that spot to keep it alive. To get from the share of that free crypto, you can check for spots that are payable and close to you on the WeNano app map and get close enough to be paid.

Method 11: Join Reddit and Leverage The Several Free Opportunities

On Reddit, you can earn MOON, DOGE, NANO, etc., in a couple of ways. For MOONs, you need to set up a vault on Reddit, and you can receive MOONs in the next distribution, which usually happens once a month in the CryptoCurrency subreddit.

Dogecoin and Nano subreddits also help you make free coins. They have bots that allow you to tip users. So, if you make a useful comment or thread, you could receive some coins from impressed or generous Redditors. Or you can beg for dogecoins in this subreddit.

Method 12: Read, Write, or Engage In Online Articles To Earn Free Coins

All that time you spend reading crypto-related content for free, you can actually make some free crypto while at it.

On Publish0x, you can earn ETH by reading crypto-related content, sharing it, and writing it. To earn by writing, you have to apply as an author. It’s in a way similar to the Medium Partner Program.

There’s also SteemIt, which is similar to Reddit down to the design. It’s a blogging and social media platform. SteemIT uses cryptocurrency and blockchain technology to reward its users for upvoting posts, commenting, and creating content.

How Can I Get Cryptocurrency For Free?

This is a long list, right. If you just want a summary of everything to get free crypto, here’s a quick breakdown of the easy ways to get cryptocurrency for free:

  1. Join a UBI
  2. Sign up on crypto platforms that give out free crypto for signing up
  3. Take online surveys and play games that reward in crypto
  4. Hunt for airdrops and bounties
  5. Read, write, and engage in social media or blogging platforms that offer free crypto
  6. Get a cashback when you shop using crypto.com’s visa card or StormX
  7. Join a staking pool or a crypto platform like Binance

But, I Just Want Bitcoin. How can I get free Bitcoins?

Some of the platforms we have mentioned in the article can help you earn interest on or help with earning bitcoin. For example, you can earn free bitcoin in FreeBitco.in. You can also exchange your StormX rewards for bitcoin. Plus, some of the cryptocurrency exchanges give free bitcoins as a sign up bonus – here’s a breakdown of those to sign up on for those bonuses.

Final Words On Earning Free Cryptocurrency

There are many opportunities to earn free crypto without doing anything that range from performing minor tasks to performing a bit harder tasks. Of course, one or two mentioned in this article would require a lot of patience and luck, like method 5. However, a few others are quite fun and easy.

Free cryptocurrency is sweet, and now, you have all the tips on how to make free cryptocurrency. Claim those free cryptocurrencies from wherever you are. Of course, when you have some money, buy bitcoin and other promising coins like Ether and Celo.

If you are new to the blockchain and crypto world, look through our blog, we have a ton of resources. You can also subscribe to our mailing list to get exclusive details and alerts when there are more juicy articles like this one. You can subscribe on the form below.

Questions? Contributions? Anything else? Let’s see it in the comments. Don’t forget to share this by clicking on any of the share buttons below this paragraph.

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