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How To Market a Business With no Money (On Crypto)

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Marketing can be costly. You are expected to spend whether you are creating a traditional marketing campaign with banners, TV ads, and such, or you are working with digital marketing, with things like SEO services, website design, social media, and so on. Most of these avenues cost at least thousands of dollars to get value.

However, there are ways to market and grow your business for free if you are strapped for cash. This article delves deep into how to market a business with no money through crypto networks. We will cover marketing, design, and funnel optimization.

Can you market a business with no money?

Typically no one talks about marketing without a mention of money. If you are strapped for cash, you could attend trade shows or do some social media outreach, but none of that is free. The trade show could cost you to register. Organic social media marketing keeps having fewer and fewer reach due to algorithm changes that support paid advertising more.

You could hire a digital marketing agency, but doing that will still cost you something, as most agencies only offer free services to nonprofits. 

Even if you learn marketing and choose to handle marketing your business on your own, between managements, sales tasks, and others, you may not be able to dedicate adequate time to push your small business marketing. Also, most marketing channels still need money; ads need the payment for delivery or engagement, SEO may require payment for editorial fees and apps, banners need a shit load of money, and so on.

The last alternative is to focus on selling to family and friends, but even that has its limits because unless you are already famous, you will exhaust your reach quickly.

The bottom line is…it’s almost impossible to do quality marketing without monetary commitment. However, we have found three solid ways that can provide the quality you need for marketing your business without spending a dime or nickel.

How To Market Your Business For Free

The only reliable way to market your business for free is a network. If you are some sort of celebrity already, you have a network. However, if you are like me – you aren’t famous – you need a network and not just anyone, but a quality network where you are sure to meet people who need your product or service. Resource Network works.

What is the Resource Network?

Resource Network is the fastest-growing network of businesses and self-employed professionals looking to purchase products and services to motivate their employees and help their businesses grow. So, if you offer products or services in that light, you will shine on the platform.

Also, Resource provides a mutual credit system so that registered self-employed persons and businesses can get interest-free uncollateralized credit which they can use to grow their business.

What Can You Sell on Resource Network?

You can sell any legal product or service on the network. These are some of the products and categories that have proven to do so well on Resource:

  • Preventative Health
  • Supplements
  • Online Fitness through video calling applications
  • Organic Food Delivery
  • Online Therapy (such as through Zoom)
  • Workcations & Retreats

As you can see from the above, those are varying products and services doing well on Resource Network. So, whether you manage a hotel or retreat center or sell supplements, you can meet potential customers on Resource.

How To Market Your Business For Free On Resource Network

Here is how to market a business with no money using crypto.

Join The Fastest Growing Network Of Crypto Professionals

The first step is to sign up on Resource. To do that, click on this link: https://www.resourcenetwork.co/apply. You can also copy it to your browser.

a screenshot of Resource sign up page

The sign-up process is pretty straightforward. You input your business details, link to your website or any other platform you sell on (if you have any), and business location (remote also applies).

Upload Your Products or Services

When on the platform, you can start positioning your services or products. The process to do this is also straightforward. You simply type in your product or service name, description, price (or range), and what your customers should expect. Once your offer is live, members of the network can access it and purchase from you.

You don’t need to do much at this point. Remember some members have already taken credit (loans or crypto credit) from Resource? Those who get credit are expected to spend that credit on the platform. That means they get to give you that money for your products or services. You have waiting customers already!

With your profit, you can expand your business by purchasing more of what you need, such as more products, raw materials, supplies, or even relaxation for you or employees.

Get Marketing, Design, Funnel Optimization With Crypto Credit

Whether it is marketing, employee boost, or materials you need to expand your business, you can get them on the platform. You can peruse the available products before requesting Resource Dollar or crypto credit to spend on other merchants.

Without having money, you can get marketing, funnel optimization, and more through the Resource Network. That will help you grow on the network and help you grow on other marketing platforms.

Pay Back In-Kind With Your Service or Product

When you obtain credit on the platform, you, of course, need to pay it back. However, unlike banks, you are not required to bring money back or drop some collateral. Instead, you can pay back with your service. For example, if you got credit to buy supplies, you can provide zoom therapy through the platform to pay back the credit. Therefore, you keep growing and getting more value through mutual value delivery.

Popular Ways To Market Your Business For Free And Why They Won’t Work

1. SEO

SEO is a valuable marketing avenue. Many businesses use them to amass thousands if not millions of dollars. SEO or search engine optimization is all you do on and off a website to ensure it shows up at the top of search engine results, so you get people who are already searching for your product or service to your website.

It works as a marketing tactic, but often, many websites claim you can do it for free, and it is one of the free marketing platforms, and that is just a big lie.

The only way you won’t spend with SEO is if you already know SEO and your competitors don’t exist or are so archaic they don’t have an online presence. Even then, you still need to spend on building a great website and creating great content.

If you have competitors who already do SEO, you need to do more than spend quality time creating great content (which already costs you lots of time and money) so you can bring in traffic and organic search growth.

You will need to find out how your target audience is searching, which you can only do using quality tools like SEMrush, which costs something. If you want to go further, you could get a tool like Surfer, which also costs something. Then you get to link building, which is necessary for most websites these days, and that can cost a whole LOT. 

2. Social Media Marketing – Facebook, Tiktok, Instagram, etc

Gone are the days when you publish a post on Facebook and get tons of leads. If you do that, you are likely to get more bots than people. Organic reach on these platforms keeps going lower, and most brands just use organic social media marketing these days to look like they still exist when potential customers are looking for social proof.

If you want to make lots of sales through social media, you need money. Not just a budget for good graphics, but also money for ads.

Ads thrive the most on most of these platforms. That is likely because social media sites want to make more money and more businesses are willing to spend, so the algorithm favors ads than organic posts from companies.

3. Create a Podcast or Be a Guest at an Industry Podcast

If you create a podcast and you don’t already have a sizable following before you do so, you will likely only get crickets for a long while. So, while that is free, it doesn’t really work unless you have friends and family who have some audience and push you to their audience.

Making guest appearances on industry podcasts is excellent. However, very few industry podcasts will take guests who aren’t well known or aren’t paying to be featured. The only way to succeed at this is to be a part of a network. That could be a serious Facebook group; it may work if they have a podcast and are willing to feature members.

4. Provide Excellent Service and Get Positive Reviews

To get positive reviews, you need to have provided excellent service. That part can be done for free. However, to get the clients to whom you provide exceptional service in the first place, you need paid marketing.

Again, the only exception is if you go with friends and family and make them leave positive reviews for your business on platforms like Google Maps (Google My Business and Map Pack) and Yelp. Those can then help you get the trust of others to get your product or service.

5. Email Marketing

Business email marketing is the only tactic on this list that I can agree you can do for free. You don’t need a paid email marketing app if you are not an ecommerce brand. You can upload your list to Thunderbird (the email app) or use MailChimp. However, getting the list at all requires some form of investment.

Firstly, you shouldn’t buy email lists or randomly go about emailing people that don’t know you; that is the fastest way to get your email address flagged.

The problem is that to get leads (or email addresses), you must have done something in the first place, such as providing great content with an email opt-in on your site. Most email opt-in software costs money, and great content sometimes needs extra investment for SEO.

You could start a YouTube Channel; this can also work for your marketing. However, be ready to do this for a while and research to find exciting topics. Oh, and have some basic video editing skills.

Also, you can create a Facebook Group and require email addresses as a rule before allowing people in, but that needs some time commitment in the initial stages to get going.

Do The Popular Free Marketing Strategies Work?

All of the strategies work, but they need some money investment to promote any business. That is why whenever I see them on lists for how to market a business with no money, I cringe.

They are quality strategies, so do them if you can afford to. Do SEO and social media marketing, provide excellent customer service, and encourage reviews. They will help a business grow. Just don’t expect it all to be free.


As you have seen from this article, there are many ways to grow your business, but very few ways to market your business with little money. You are here because you truly want to find out how to market a business with no money, so I suggest you sign up on Resource and go from there. You can also do other marketing strategies using the credit you obtain on Resource or even learn digital marketing in the same way.

Have any questions? Let me know in the comments.

This blog focuses on crypto, DeFi, and Blockchain; Resource is a DeFi platform with a protocol, marketplace/network, and more. If you want to grow your passive income on crypto as you grow your business actively, book an appointment with an experienced crypto consultant to get a personalized road map and assistance.

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