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The Ultimate Guide To Crypto Affiliate Marketing


If you’re looking to make passive income but aren’t sure where to start, affiliate marketing with Cryptocurrency might be the best route. This article is the ultimate guide to crypto affiliate marketing; I will be showing you trusted affiliate programs and marketing tips, but before I go into that, let’s look at what affiliate marketing is.

What Is Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is making money through a commission by promoting the products or services of another company. When people buy the products or services that you are promoting through your link, you get a percentage of the sale.

Why Crypto?

Affiliate marketing with cryptocurrency can be highly profitable when done right. That’s because the market is not as saturated as other affiliate marketing platforms like Amazon affiliate marketing.

Also, most of the programs pay in Bitcoins, which is another way to get Bitcoin investments. 

Furthermore, you already have a passionate audience.

You might have heard about crypto-evangelists, crypto-miners, crypto-traders, crypto-architects, and so on. Well, even if you haven’t, the point is that there’s a passionate audience. Your audience would be interested in getting into the crypto market and only need a little guidance, which, if you provide, can take you places.

What You Need To Start Crypto Affiliate Marketing

You need three major things:

  1. A crypto referral/affiliate program
  2. A traffic source
  3. Marketing ideas

In this article, I will be showing you how to get all three.

Best Crypto Affiliate Programs For 2020

Picking a trusted crypto affiliate program can be tiresome. There are a good number of them, but you can’t tell if they are trusted until you try them, and it isn’t a great idea to keep trying out everything. You don’t want to crash and burn and run out of your potential new and nice business.

Well, that’s why this article is here. This section will show you profitable Bitcoin and other crypto affiliate programs that you can make a lot of money. Let’s get into them.

1. Coinbase

Coinbase is one of the well-known crypto affiliate programs available. There’s also a referral program if that’s what you’re into. The referral program lets you earn $10 worth of Bitcoin for every referred user that deposits $100.

The affiliate program is where you get the bigger bang. With the Coinbase affiliate program, you’ll receive 50% of your referred users’ trading fees for three months.

coinbase affiliate program

Unlike the referral program, with the affiliate program, you can get compensated either in PayPal or your local currency (to your bank account) no matter where you live.

How To Become A Coinbase Affiliate

To become a Coinbase affiliate, click on this link to sign up. With that link, you’ll get $10 after trading your first $100. Coinbase’s affiliate network is powered by Impact. You’ll be directed to fill an application form there.

Coinbase will then review your application. Once you’re approved, you’ll get access to promotional assets and Impact tracking software for tracking your conversions.

2. Celsius

celsius affiliate program

Celsius pays its affiliates every quarter. With Celsius, you get $50 for each new qualifying user that you refer.

A qualifying user is someone that deposits $200 worth of crypto into their Celsius and holds that amount in their Celsius account for at least 30 consecutive days. If the user withdraws the money during that time, you won’t get the $50.

How To Become A Celsius Affiliate

To become a Celsius affiliate, click on this link to sign up. After filling their affiliate form, you’ll receive an email with a link to Celsius buttons with your custom affiliate links. You can either insert those buttons on your website or share the links with your community.

3. Binance

Binance was offering between 40% to 50% commission on the user’s trading fees. However, that was knocked down to 20%. However, you can earn up to 40%, but only if you have up to 500 BNB (Binance coins) in your account.

500 BNB is a lot; it’s more than $10,000 currently. If you’re not willing to leave that much in your account, 20% is still safe, and this is a lifetime pay. For every trade your referral does on Binance for life, you get a commission off it. 

They are also known to increase referral fees during major crypto events and specific promotions.

Binance affiliate program

Furthermore, you can earn a bonus based on the activity of your referrals for each month.

How To Become A Binance Affiliate

Unlike Celsius and Coinbase, Binance is more strict in terms of their acceptance process. To get accepted, you must meet these criteria:

  1. Individuals must have 5000+ social media followers or subscribers
  2. Crypto communities must have 500+ members
  3. Businesses/organizations must have a user base of 2000+. If it’s a market analysis platform, you must have 5000+ daily visits. There are also a number of platforms they accept

To sign up as an affiliate, create a Binance account, then there’s a Google form that can be filled from their website. If you think this is a lot of headaches, you can choose to become a referral, but that comes with a lower commission.

4. Paxful

Paxful affiliate program

Paxful offers one of the highest percentages and a sweet deal at that. There are two tiers. 

Paxful Tier 1 affiliates get 50% of the escrow fee when their referral buys bitcoin while Paxful Tier 2 affiliates get an extra 10% on sub-affiliates. So, if through Affiliate A’s link, user B signed up. Then User B referred User C. Affiliate A then gets 10% on User C’s transactions while also getting 50% on User B’s trades.

If two of your Tier 1 affiliates are trading together, you get 25% instead of 50%.

Paxful pays affiliates in bitcoins. Once you have earned at least $10, you can cash out by withdrawing the money from your affiliate account to your Paxful wallet. You can sell your bitcoin earnings on Paxful to earn additional profit.

How Do I Become A Paxful Affiliate

 To become a Paxful affiliate, sign up on their website through this link.

5. BitMEX

With BitMEX’s affiliate program, both you and those that sign up with your affiliate link will enjoy benefits. You’ll get a percentage while your referral receives a 10% trading fee discount for six months. This can be an incentive that you’ll sell to them to sign up using your link.

For the affiliates payouts, you’ll get your payment in bitcoin to your BitMEX wallet. You’ll get a lifetime commission on the referred user, but your referred users must complete their registration within seven days once referred to the BitMex site for your referral to be valid.

Your percentage depends on the turnover on your affiliate account. Here’s the structure:

Bitmex affiliate program

How To Become A BitMEX Affiliate

To get started, register on the BitMEX website.


voyager affiliate program

Voyager runs a referral scheme that is one-off rather than recurring based on transactions from those that sign up through your code or link. Nevertheless, it’s a great one to earn as they offer $25 when someone you refer trades a minimum of $100.

Affiliate earnings are paid in Bitcoin to your Voyager account and you will get an email notification for every person that signs up through your referral code or link and trades a minimum of $100.

How To Become A Voyager Affiliate

To become a Voyager Affiliate, use this link to sign up. If you sign up using that link, you will get $25 to your Voyager account for free when you trade up to $100. Once you are done with the signup process, you will get your unique code and you can start referring people.

7. Robinhood

Robinhood affiliate program

Robinhood does things a lot differently than the average Crypto trading company when it comes to affiliates and referrals. Unlike most other companies where you get paid in crypto or your local currency, Robinhood gives out stock.

When someone signs up through your link, you get free stock, and they do as well. However, there’s no certainty of the kind or value of the stock you or your referral get. Nevertheless, Robinhood promises a 100% chance of you getting stock that’s valued between $2.50 and $200.

This is a great investment as you stand a chance of getting stock in small companies and companies as large as Microsoft, which can give you a lift into stock investment. However, this would only work if you are interested in stock and not crypto as your affiliate reward.

Also, beware that you can only get up to $500 in stocks every year, so that’s a lot limiting. If you go for Robinhood, you should add another as well to earn more in annual income.

How To Become A Robinhood Affiliate

First, you need to sign up through this link. Afterward, navigate to your account page in the Robinhood app. Tap the “invite friends, get free stock” link, click on “invite contacts” and “invite” next to the friends you want to invite (pulled from your contact list). You will also get a referral link that you can post anywhere on your affiliate marketing website.

Remember you need to claim reward stocks within 60 days, and we cannot provide information about someone else’s account or application.

8. CEX.io

cex.io affiliate program

CEX.io is one of the trusted crypto affiliate programs available. It’s been around for a long time and offers straightforward benefits. You will get 30% on the transaction fees. There are no benefits from sub-affiliates. 

How To Become A CEX.io Affiliate

To get started, sign up here.

9. LocalBitcoins

localbitcoins affiliate program

Localbitcoins is another well-known name in the crypto space. It offers a lucrative affiliate program that provides 20% for every successful trade that users referred by you make for a period of three months. If you referred two users who are the buyer and seller, you would get a total of 40% on their transaction (20% from each user).

Payouts are sent daily in Bitcoins to your LocalBitcoins wallet.

How To Become A LocalBitcoins Affiliate

To become a LocalBitcoins Affiliate, sign up here. After your registration, you can then enable the affiliate program.

10. Coinmama

Like many of the trusted crypto affiliate programs, Coinmama pays in Bitcoin. While signing up, you’ll be asked for your Bitcoin address to get payouts paid towards the ends of every month. For commission, Coinmama offers a 15% commission on your referred users for life. You will get your first payout after three successful orders made by at least three different users.

How To Become A Coinmama Affiliate

To become a Coinmama affiliate, click on this link to sign up. After that, you can start marketing your affiliate link.

11. Ledger

Ledger rewards its affiliate marketers in Bitcoin. You can earn 10% commission for each net sale that someone that signs up through your link does. So, if someone clicks on your link and makes a purchase, you get 10% of that sale after tax (VAT) and shipping.

One good thing about Ledger is that you can easily track your revenue to see clicks and sign ups that have happened on your link. That insight might help you know what to work on to optimize for clicks. It also provides banners, videos, and other material that you can place online to encourage visitors to click on your link.

How To Become A Ledger Affiliate

To get started, click on this link to sign up. You will need to fill in a form with your Bitcoin address, email, and other details. After that, you will receive an affiliate tracking link that is that you can place online to earn commissions.

Your Traffic Source

When most people think of affiliate marketing, they think of having a website. This one reason discourages a lot of people from becoming affiliate marketers.

If you are one of them, you can start by using your social media pages, forums such as Reddit, Medium blogs, Udemy, etc., but understand that not all affiliate programs allow some of these websites. So, check to ensure there are no such restrictions.

Although posting on such sites is great to build traffic, have it in mind that you still need a website. You can begin on such third party websites to save money towards building a website for your affiliate marketing business.

A Website Is An Excellent Investment

The primary reason for a website is that it’s a great investment in the long run. Many things can happen to third party websites, and given that you’re not in control of them, your hands are tied. For example, Tiktok was recently banned in the US. For those that have built their business on Tiktok only, they’ll be in a dilemma. Asides such issues, the app can shut down.

Using existing traffic sources and your website can help you build a following that can be directed to your site. You’ll still have such following if your social media or third party traffic source goes down.

A Website Can Make You Look Trustworthy

Having a website can add a layer of trust to both your potential customers and affiliate networks. Some affiliate networks ask for your site URL on sign up. That’s a sign already. You need that trust if you’re going to succeed.

Crypto Affiliate Marketing Tips

As an affiliate marketer, you need more than a website and social media accounts to succeed. Here are some tips that you can add to your marketing strategy to sell your links.

1. Give Incentives Such As Discounts

This wouldn’t work with every affiliate network, as some of them are clearly against it. Check their affiliate terms of service before you do this. Some affiliate programs like Binance offers a discount to your referrals. You can use this in your marketing. If potentials see that they get a discount off trading fees, that might push them to sign up.

3. Use Content Marketing

Content is the engine of affiliate marketing. You need great content if you want to succeed. Be it blog posts or social media posts; you need to plan every post you send out as your posts can either turn you into an affiliate marketing success or failure.

Show your industry knowledge with insights in cryptocurrency and crypto news. If you become known as an industry knowledge leader, it will be easier to convert people.

4. Consider Ads

You can run social media or Google ads to boost conversion for your affiliate links. Check the terms of service of the affiliate programs you’re considering to ensure that they are ok with it. If you’re going to use this, ensure that your landing page is well optimized.

One thing you should have in mind with this route is that the cost of acquisition might be higher than your ROI. Also, given that this isn’t a long-term passive traffic stream, it might or might not be worth it.

5. Consider SEO

To earn passive income with affiliate marketing, you need traffic. If you’re looking to test out things, you might want to try out ads, but SEO is better for long-term traffic. Optimize your blog posts and write blogs answering the questions that your potential customers might have.

6. Draw Attention To High-Value Links With Banners

The truth is that some programs are better for your pocket than others. For those links that pay really well, design banners and place them in strategic locations on your website. Some affiliate programs provide already designed banners; this can be an excellent place to start if you’re not so great with design.

Ready To Start Making Passive Income with Crypto?

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If you think crypto affiliate marketing isn’t for you, you can check out the other passive income streams.

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