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Top 5 Ways To Earn Passive Income With Cryptocurrency

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Segmentation and diversification of your portfolio could not be more important when you want to earn a passive income with cryptocurrency.

You want to be dependent on your investment decisions to create fresh revenue even when you’re sleeping. To do this, build a portfolio that generates passive income and puts your money to work for you.

However, in an unpredictable economy, establishing a passive income stream can be difficult. With the enormous fluctuations that can occur in any investment, you need to establish a reliable source of income. 

In this article, we will look at ways to earn a passive income with crypto.

Ways To Earn Passive Income With Cryptocurrency

1. Staking Tokens

Mining Bitcoins necessitates expensive hardware and high electricity expenses, rendering it unsustainable for even the largest mining operations. As a result, proof of stake has grown in popularity as a method of verifying transactions and creating bitcoin. Another approach to get passive money with cryptocurrency is through staking.

Staking is an option for those who own cryptocurrencies that function on the proof-of-stake algorithm. Individuals who stake their coins are effectively giving their tokens to the network for transactions to be validated. 

The network pays you extra coins as compensation for lending your coins and assisting with validation, effectively allowing you to earn interest. Coins that are staked are deposited into a particular pool and thus available for everyday expenditure, equivalent to lending money.

At any given time, a user can only validate the number of tokens they have staked. The more tokens you stake, the more transactions you may validate and earn. This is better achieved in a pool, in which all users pool their coins to gain a larger share of the transactions validating power.

Starting with cryptocurrency staking sometimes involves a small initial investment. For instance, Ethereum (ETH) requires 32 ETH to start a staking pool, though you can also join a group pool if you’re a lesser holding. To participate in a network, you must own and stake a certain number of tokens.

2. Cryptocurrency Lending

Lending cryptocurrencies follows the same core concepts as traditional cash loans: the borrower pays interests to the lender. In this situation, the loan is secured by cryptocurrency assets worth more than the money borrowed. You can, for instance, deposit bitcoin and receive fiat coins.

Some companies, such as BlockFi, act as marketplaces, paying cryptocurrencies depositors a fixed interest rate, similar to a high-yield savings account, and then lending those assets to borrowers who may earn larger profits.

The borrower puts up cryptocurrency as security, guaranteeing that the investment is compensated in the event of a crisis. They are lent fiat in return.

Cryptocurrency lending is interesting since it provides passive income while avoiding the fluctuation of the cryptocurrency market and paying a high-interest rate. For instance, you can earn approximately 8% on BlockFi if you deposit Bitcoin on their platform.

It is always a good idea to keep to well-known platforms. Newer or less-tested lending systems may be more susceptible to faults or attacks, which could affect your investments. 

Keep in mind that, as usual, making money necessitates taking risks. While the rates are exciting and the effectiveness has been stable, note that depositing your assets with a startup in the hopes of them using next-generation financial systems to accumulate enormous returns is risky in and of itself.

It is always advisable to allocate appropriately and bring some revenue back into more conservative holdings when the chance comes.

3. Holding

Buying bitcoin is a good alternative investment since it functions as a shield and alternative to the old financial system and the US dollar’s worth. Knowing when to buy and which crypto assets to buy is critical when developing a portfolio. 

Quick climbs can bring significant payoffs at any time, and quick decreases might allow anyone to buy in at a reasonable price.

Due to this new fluctuation and the associated regulatory hazards in what is a parallel financial system outside the control of governments and regulators, it’s better to deal only in assets that you can treat as illiquid for an extended period. 

In your early crypto explorations, an allocation of 1-5 percent of total invested money might fit you, depending on your reference period and risk tolerance.

Cryptocurrencies’ valuation has been steadily rising since their introduction, and there is still a lot more significant benefit as more investors join. Still, unexpected reductions might result in significant losses if you are forced to sell. 

You start to earn significant gains if you can wait long enough as a long-term investor. Bitcoin prices, for example, fell by 26% in early January 2021. The two-day decline was huge. This dip, however, is merely a minor blip for long-term crypto investors and holders, with projections of a 300 percent raise over the next year.

4. Registering on Trading Platforms

A screenshot of coinbase referral page detailing the bonus, which is a way to earn passive income with cryptocurrency

Certain cryptocurrency exchange platforms provide registration bonuses or referral rewards for using their service offerings. Coinbase, for example, previously gave a $5 sign-up reward to new customers who chose to invest in cryptocurrency.

Also, the platform gives $10 to the referee and referrer if they open an account and trade a minimum of $100; that is, if you sign up with a referral link such as this one.

Take the time to read the terms and conditions of these rewards. To receive these incentives, you may be required to give additional personal info or take further steps. 

If you have a profile, most of these offers aren’t enough to justify joining up for a new exchange, but whether you’re a beginner, pay attention to exchanges you’re exploring to see if they provide a sign-up bonus or a referral program for other people who might be interested.

5. Yield Farming

Yield farming is one of the most profitable passive income streams with crypto. You can leave some money in a farm or pool and withdraw your earnings every other week without having to do anything. Of course, it has risks which we discussed in this article, but it’s worth it. Check out our yield farming guide and our Celo yield farming tutorial to learn how to get started.

Other Alternatives Of Earning Passive Income From Crypto


When present cryptocurrency traders are given tiny quantities of a new currency for free or in rewards for better exposure or positive online mentions, this is known as an airdrop.

Each cryptocurrency initiative should be handled cautiously. Hackers regularly use fake airdrops and initial coin offerings (ICOs). Many of the coins received in airdrops are not long-term investments, even when they are real. 


Earn cryptocurrency while doing other things, such as playing online games or shopping. Lolli, for example, allows you to earn Bitcoin while shopping at popular retailers. Although these are not passive, they are great ways to earn free crypto.

Advantages Of Earning Passive Income With Crypto

Huge Interest Rates

One of the most huge benefits of the crypto business over conventional banking is the possibility to earn multiple times more than a deposit account.


This is one of the most crucial elements of a successful investment portfolio. A diversified portfolio allows investors to defend themselves against fluctuation in diverse industries by offsetting exposure to a single holding. Adding cryptocurrency to your portfolio can greatly diversify it.


It is much faster than conventional banking, just like everything else that occurs on the blockchain network. It only takes a few minutes to lend or stake your assets and begin earning money.

Disadvantages Of Earning Passive Income With Coins

Technological Dangers

Cyberattacks, flaws, and vulnerabilities are examples of technological dangers. Viruses are always a possibility, especially if you deal with a digital wallet only. 

Typically, there are several options available, each with varying degrees of quality. It’s critical to do your study before deciding on one of these options.

Lockup Time Frame

Several lending or staking techniques demand you to lock up your funds for a specific period. For the time being, your holdings are practically illiquid, leaving you vulnerable to any incident that could hurt the pricing of your investment.

Cryptocurrency Volatility

Although the fluctuation of the crypto market has dropped significantly, it can still be highly unpredictable. While you’ll still get income and your holdings will grow, the value of those assets could decrease if the cryptocurrency market crashes.


The number of ways to earn passive income in the blockchain business is increasing. Whenever you begin using any of the aforementioned ways to make a passive income, keep in mind that neither of them is risk-free. They all come with different levels of risk that must be considered.

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